Solidarity Statement from Local 4343

Your Fight is Our Fight!

Chicago ACTS Local 4343, representing over 300 teachers at 14 charter schools, stands in support of Chicago Teacher Union as they work to reach an agreement with the Chicago Public Schools.

While some charter school operators may say this is "not our fight," the teachers at charter schools understand our very real stake in these negotiations. CTU is seeking fair treatment for its members, respect for their hard work on behalf of students, and a role as partners in providing Chicago students with the quality schools they deserve.

Over just the past four years, hundreds of teachers at charter schools have decided to unionize and become a part of Chicago ACTS. In many cases, our decision was and continues to be opposed by our employers. Because we've had to struggle for union contracts, we recognize their importance to our work and our schools.

Charter schools and teachers working there, unionized or not, face many of the same challenges as our brothers and sisters in CTU. We know that asking for smaller class sizes, needed staff and resources, fair compensation and effective evaluations are not adults' interests alone. They are crucial to providing quality education for our students.

Because the CTU-CPS negotiations set standards for public education in the city, we recognize that the CTU's goals are deeply intertwined with our own. That's why we will continue to show our solidarity with CTU, which can be done while respecting our legal and contractual obligations.

On Behalf of the Executive Board of Chicago ACTS Local 4343,

Brian Harris


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