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By speaking with a united voice and taking action collectively on important issues, charter school teachers and staff can make a real difference within their school, throughout their state and nationwide. AFT ACTS provides charter school professionals with different ways to take action and have their voice heard. 

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Periodically, AFT ACTS will ask charter school teachers and staff to sound off on timely topics of concern. Your experiences and opinions, and those of your colleagues from around the country, serve as a reality check on what really goes on inside our nation's schools and classrooms.

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AFT ACTS tracks policymaking that affects public education and the professionals who work in public schools. This resource will enable you to quickly and easily communicate with lawmakers on important policy initiatives.

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Sign up and get involved with ACTS today! By signing up with ACTS you will be part of a dynamic community of charter school educators across the country. Receive announcements about the latest professional resources, share your insights and opinions, and take action on important issues affecting our profession and our schools.


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